Periodontal Therapy

A Non-surgical Laser Treatment for Moderate to Advanced Gum Disease.

We offer the newly FDA cleared procedure for the ezlase which in most cases provides deep pocket treatments in a single visit without the use of a scalpel, stitches or the conventional cutting of the gums. It's a highly effective therapy, more aesthetic and more comfortable than traditional surgical procedures. There are no follow-up visits to remove stitches.

Traditional periodontal therapy for the treatment of deep pockets involves a surgical procedure where after scaling and root planning of the teeth, the gum tissue is cut with a scalpel and flapped back to expose the teeth and underlying disease which is removed with traditional dental instruments, followed by stitching the gums back into place. While treating deep pockets is considered critical for overall good health and the preservation of teeth, the invasive nature of the traditional procedure increases the anxiety many patients have for gum treatment. Many patients diagnosed with moderate to advanced pockets have avoided the procedure all together.